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Services And Rates

**Limited Time New Client Special** One Hour $50.00


Regular Prices for all services are $40.00-30 minutes, $60.00-60 minutes, $90.00-90 minutes

Swedish Relaxation: Swedish massage techniques consisting of light to medium pressure.  Experience the many benefits including stress reduction, mental clarity, pain relief, greater flexibility, increased circulation, immune boost, and improved posture. 

Lymphatic:  Boost your immunity and experience the relaxing lymph massage that activates lymph function and circulation in the body.  This very light pressure movement will deeply relax you while movement of lymph into the nodes with stimulate your immune system.

Sports: This custom massage is for anyone who participates in physical activity for sports or fitness.  Benefits include increased blood flow to all muscle tissue, improved posture and flexibility, reduced muscle tension and pain.  Improves overall mental attitude and direction of performance.

Pregnancy: Prenatal massage is specific to the needs of a mother to be and specific areas will be addressed as needed. The overall benefits include reduction in back, joint, and muscle pain while reducing stress.  (Only recommended during 2nd and 3rd trimesters)

Pelvic Treatment: Recommended for chronic pain associated with sciatica, low back pain and muscular tightness in the back or legs.

Deep Tissue Back Treatment: Recommended for anyone with back pain associated with sciatia,  poor posture, stiffness or tenderness with walking.

Deep Tissue Shoulder Treatment: Indicated for shoulder pain associated with repetitive movements of the upper body and rotator cuff injuries.  Also, recommended for arm, wrist and hand pain.

Deep Tissue Neck Treatment: Indicated for neck pain associated with headaches, migraines, and whiplash.  This treatment is highly recommended for anyone who spends a lot of time on a computer or driving long distances.

Deep Tissue Forearm Treatment: Recommended for anyone having forearm, wrist or hand pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and/or repetitive movement pain.

Chair Massage: Recommended for anyone with back, shoulder, arm and/or neck pain. Ideal for anyone on the go who doesn't have time for a full body massage.  (15 min or 30 minute sessions available)

Reflexology: Ideal for anyone suffering with low back pain and or sciatica.  Reflexology stimulates a relaxation response and has a profound effect on reducing pain and decreasing stress.  (30 min and 60 min sessions available)

IonCleanse: The Ionic foot cleanse session combines water, salt, oxygen and hydrogen.  This combination of basic elements has a cleansing effect on your entire body by creating  an ionic field that enters the body through the 2000+ pores in your feet.  These ions attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins that exit through the feet during a session. The body functions better as a whole with less toxins and that itself will boost your immune system.

Aromatherapy and/or essential oils may be added to any session for an additional fee.


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